Corrugated Tanks


Corrugated tanks are some of the most economical tanks for commercial and industrial use.    

The most common corrugated tanks in use are the tanks with 30-degree  roofs. This standard tank consists of corrugated galvanized steel wall  sheets with a 30-degree galvanized steel roof system. The standard  30-degree roof tanks are equipped with a geotextile preliner and a  flexible membrane main liner for water containment.

Our bolted steel tanks and flexible membrane liners offer an affordable alternative to traditional epoxy coated or glass-fused tanks for AWWA D-103 Compliance.

Tanks Engineered Site-Specific

We offer a thorough, site specific structural design calculation package(SDCP), stamped by a professional engineer licensed in the project location state. Site specific tanks may incorporate thicker metal wall sheets or roof panels, stiffeners, heavy duty anchors, and other components to satisfy the local seismic, wind speed and live load requirements. Our bolted steel tanks and flexible membrane liners are an affordable

alternative to traditional epoxy coated or glass-fused tanks for AWWA D-103 Compliance.

Features and Benefits

  • Cost effective solution
  • Quick erection
  • No welding required
  • Internal liner
  • 20-30 Year warranty
  • Assembled on site
  • Every tank is custom manufactured
  • Capable of meeting NFPA, AWWA, FM specifications and NSF 61 potable quality


Glass Reinforced Panel & Stainless Steel Panel


These tanks can be designed in a number of different shapes, allowing you to maximize the space a cylindrical tank would not allow.

Easy to transport, assemble, and install tanks even when space is limited.

If there is a space where the entryway is too narrow for a concrete or integrated tank, a panel tank will be able to pass through without trouble.

A panel type tank will perform well regardless of room size.

You can install the water tank by making the most of the limited space!

The newly developed UV Inhibitor  prevents  flaking of fiberglass and keeps the tank in good condition providing an even longer life of the tank.

The panels are made by Sheet Mold Compound  method to give low light transmittance.  This prevents the growth of algae.

The tanks are designed for complete customization.  You have the choice of shape, partitions, insulation and more.




Epoxy Coated & Glass Fused


Epoxy Tanks

Our Epoxy Tanks are coated with a top of the line finish that is NSF 61 approved for drinking water.

The traditional liner-less tanks that can be mounted in the concrete base or with a steel floor.  They meet all NFPA and AWWA requirements.


  • Quick erection
  • No liner replacement concerns
  • Rugged construction
  • Large array of platforms and walkways for industrial needs
  • Exterior insulation available
  • No welding required
  • Custom manufactured and assembled on-site 

Glass Fused to Steel

Glass-fused-to-steel (porcelain enamel) is a single source strong, enameled  steel material fused together at over 1500° F, creating a hard inert, inorganic coating that never requires painting.  

Glass-fused-to-steel is the premium technology in the tank market.  

Glass-fused-to-steel tanks & silos are manufactured exclusively in the USA with only USA steel.

Underground Tanks



With available filtering components that separate oil and other contaminants, we can turn your underground tank into a separator or interceptor, which takes in contaminated water and discharges clean water to be stored for recycling purposes.  These are particularly ideal for areas with limited above-ground space. Underground storage tanks can also be constructed to meet NSF/ANSI 61 certification for potable use.

Fiberglass Tanks

  • These tanks are designed to meet AWWA D120, NFPA 22, NSF 61 and IAPMO standards.

  • Ideal for large scale underground storage projects commonly used for fire suppression.

  • Designed for vehicular traffic and non-traffic applications.

  • Corrosion resistant, resulting in a longer material lifecycle.

  • Does not crack or leak like concrete

Poly Tanks

  • Strong injection molded Polypropylene construction

  • Lightweight, strong, and durable

  • Economical option for underground storage solutions.

  • Not to be installed in vehicular traffic areas.



Tanks on towers provide a stunning architectural focal point. In addition to their aesthetic appeal, they can also be fully functional.  Whether they are for public parks, shopping centers, or ranches they can provide a unique landmark to give your property high visibility.

Tank & Tower Engineering

Towers are custom engineered and can be constructed from either sustainable wood or steel in a variety of styles and heights.